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Creative DW Image Effects 1.0.0

Creative DW Image Effects 1.0.0: Photoshop-like effects to images in Dreamwever - 25 static & rollover effects effects + Rollover effects; effects combination (Stack of effects); SEO friendly; Integrated Preview Mode (Windows and Mac); works with the latest Dreamweaver releases; no coding required; compatible with PHP, ASP, ASP .Net, ColdFusion, JSP …; unlimited number of domains License; Photoshop-like effects in Dreamweaver; 3D (perspective) effect; Rollover image Effects; over 25 effects; supports Caption Text feature; easy to integrate in HTML (fully

Moe (Mouse Over Effects) for MS Access 97.2.3: Enhance your MS Access forms with intuitive rollover effects.
Moe (Mouse Over Effects) for MS Access 97.2.3

Effects) is an add-in for Microsoft Access that enhances your forms with intuitive rollover-type effects that react to the presence of the mouse cursor. Add a nice cosmetic touch to your application with highlighted rectangles that appear around text boxes and buttons, checkboxes that jump to life, and more, all in response to user mouse movements. When invoked from the Add-In menu, the Moe (Mouse Over Effects) setup procedure actually UPDATES* your

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Oven Fresh Rollover Maker 3.9.1

Rollovers Onlline While You Work. Easily match your Website theme and layout. Preview background colors and background images with your rollovers. Easily add borders, flout tips, links, and status bar messages. Use any Bmp, Gif, Jpg, or Png image. Seven MouseOver, MouseDown, and MouseOut combinations! As long as you have some basic knowledge of how to edit your HTML web page, you can add great looking rollover effects to your Website in just a few

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Rollover Maker Pro 6.0.5: Make Rollovers Fast with MouseOut, MouseOver, MouseDown Effects and More.
Rollover Maker Pro 6.0.5

rollover plug-in events to choose from. Preview your rollover while you work in the application, in the browser, and in your webpage on your local computer. Go to the Link URL online or preview your e-mail layout straight from your e-mail program to discover any errors in advance. This can save you the headache of having to re-make your rollover simply because you find later on that a URL address was incorrect. When you finish making the rollover

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iTree Pro-XQ Powertree 6.55: Java tree menu, drag `n` drop, tabs, extreme scalability
iTree Pro-XQ Powertree 6.55

Multi-tabbed java tree menu scalable to 10,000 entries or more. Feed menu content from easily written text file or database interface script. Multi-state user-definable icons. True-type fonts. Stacking tab rows. Line-wrapping. Preview screen. Search facility. Runtime editors. API. Script triggers. Multiple scrolling logics. Checkbox and radio menu items. Rollover effects. And more.

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iTab Pro QuickNavBar 2.30: hybrid drop-down menu / tab menu with many extras
iTab Pro QuickNavBar 2.30

High-speed, multi-level, scalable topbar navigation for giving a website a truly state-of-the-art professional look. As well as tabs and switchbars, this java menu includes deep multi-level frame-crossing drop-down menus and an optional search interface. Supports: animated multi-state icons, script triggers, DBCS, text shadows, multiple text lines on the tabs, tabs with icons and no text, rollover effects, user-definable colours, & much more.

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Preload Maker 3.6

Preload Bmp, Gif, Jpg, and Png Images in less time and with less effort. Preload Maker is an amazingly simple and effective way to preload web site images. Just enter the path to each image you want to preload and the code is instantly generated. All you do is paste the code into your HTML page, Upload your files, and you`re good to go! Edit entries easily as needed. Your images can open faster and rollover effects can have a seamless look.

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